Mechanised Tunelling

IMS specializes in the field of mechanised tunnelling, with Dr McFeat-Smith being recognized by Lok Home, President of the Robbins Company, amongst others as being one of the worlds top three tunnelling engineers who recognizes and understands the critical relationships between ground conditions and TBM performance.

The company has published the manual offered for sale in this website entitled: Mechanised Tunnelling for Asia. This is the first comprehensive book published on this subject drawing from the companies extensive recent experiences including accounts from 25-case histories with details all kinds of machines for soft ground, mixed faces and hard rock tunnelling from microtunnel size to caverns.

A brief scan of our list of tunnel projects undertaken in the last three years demonstrates our claim to be the worlds leading consultancy in this field and our companies creed to continue to identify opportunities by means of cost and programme savings for application of mechanised tunnelling techniques.  In addition to achieving an exceptionally high level of successful bids for machine tunnellling contracts the company is credited with an unusually high level of successfully completed TBM projects.  We do this by making knowledgeable predictions of TBM performance (and water inflows) based upon scientific methodology, empirical relationships and constant feedback from site and our engineers are often engaged on site to help Contractors monitor and achieve such performance.

This is also due to our ability at the time of tender to distinguish between imagined risks for such works and real risks that can be catered for by selection of the best methods of construction, including those required for close ground control in urban areas. BACK TO TOP

Tunnelling machines for soft and mixed ground

Above: EPBM used by Kumagai Sembawang JV on C705 tunnels on Singapore MRT-NE Line.  A TBM performance review was carried out by IMS for these drives.

Lower Right:  Risk assessment and other engineering studies were carried out by Dr. McFeat -Smith for tunnels for the Athens Metro where two of these 9.8m dia. single shielded TBMs encountered mixed face tunnelling conditions.

Below:   Detail of segmental lining system designed by IMS for use with two EPB tunnelling machines for the Guangzhou Municiple Construction Co. for a successful tender for the Northern Contract, Line 2, Guangzhou Metro in 2000.


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